Providing authentic and quality Online Medicine


Max pharmacy is an online Pharmacy store in India, which caters your needs for medicines. It includes both prescription and non prescription drugs.  You can make cash on delivery options as we are providing our services all across the nation.

The moment you order your medication, we start the processing and the product is ready to be delivered in next three to six hours time. We provide both fast and normal delivery of your medication as per your need. The normal delivery period is three to four business working days. You can also make payments through net banking, debit Cards, credit cards etc.

Our online medical store is a Premier Indian market place where in the users can Buy medicines online and healthcare products online from a wide range of categories. These categories include   prescription medication, Ayurvedic products, motherhood and pregnancy care products, women health care, baby care products and other health and wellness product. Our aim is to bring to you only the best products so you stay strong, safe and healthy.

We have health equipments which include the new digital blood pressure machine which uses the oscillometric method of blood pressure measurement.  In this device the monitor detects your blood’s movement through your brachial artery and converts the movements into a digital reading. The device is a good way of managing daily pressure for two people and features Morning and Evening Averages.

We have a special VLCC product section for bringing an instant glow to your facial features. We helped you in living a healthier way of life by cosmetic beauty treatments.  We have a comprehensive range of personal care products which can help you shape your confidence, charisma and charm, making the feel-good factor work towards delivering a positive impact on others. We have helped shape an entire industry by creating an integrated wellness platform that has created value and sustained profits for our stakeholders.

Our online store provides a flat discount of 15% throughout the year.  Moreover, there are special discount rates,  especially available during the festive occasion. We are quite transparent in our business with our entire customer and assure to provide the best quality medication throughout the year.

The NABP, a regulatory body has reviewed over 11,000 online drug outlets in India and found that 96% percent appear to be operating in conflict with pharmacy laws and practice standards.  So be aware to find out all the details about the pharmacy from where you take your medications.

Being a customer you should not privately and conveniently order for medicines from online chemist stores as well as avail free delivery. We are one of the Best online pharmacy as we cater the needs of people living far from the pharmacy. You save a lot when buying online as you can compare the market rates and rates of the competitor who are our online rivals. The written product information is clean and clear and is easier to read than in traditional storefront pharmacies.


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